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Restored by Grace is "an insightful work of Christian apologetics" -- Kirkus Reviews

The book addresses some key questions to build a compelling case for the Christian faith:

  1. Hope, Certainty, and Purpose
    Does affliction contradict the God of love?
  2. Mental Tango
    How to discern truth? Does God exist? Is there a reality beyond the physical?
  3. Primary Texts
    Can we trust the four Gospels as reliable eyewitness accounts of first-century historical events?
  4. The Historical Jesus
    Is it rational to believe Jesus's divinity claims and his resurrection?
  5. Beginnings
    What led to the human condition today?
    You are invited to join in this session.
  6. Restored by Grace
    What is the meaning of the crucifixion of Jesus?
  7. Regeneration
    How do we grow in our restored relationship with God?

Lee Strobel, a committed atheist turned Christian, once said, "Investigate it yourself, come to your own conclusion, but let it be an informed conclusion ... You owe it to yourself to make it a front-burner issue in your life, and to reach a verdict when the evidence is in."

Please grab your copy immediately.

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The book does not assume any significant knowledge of the Christian faith. If you want to know the core beliefs borne out by the book, please click here.

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