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Since I became a Christian over forty years ago, I often discuss matters of life and truth with others. These exchanges of personal views stimulated me to think over and over the tenets of the Christian faith. This book is the distillation of years of such experiences and months of targeted research.

We're in an age in which everyone is exposed to a constant flood of external intentions to direct our will, from outright coercion to subconscious suggestion. Our will may be under strong influences, but we still possess the power to exercise it. This faculty of our mind defines the core nature of our being. It's something that God chooses to respect, and he therefore holds us responsible for our decisions. He may cause in us a powerful urge, which we, as humans, can resist if we so choose.

It takes conscious effort to make good decisions, and a good decision requires knowing clearly what the options are. Before the heart resonates and the will acts in response, the mind has to understand.

I wrote this book to appeal to your reason. My primary goal is to lay out as plainly as possible what the decision is about. My secondary goal is to clear the common misunderstanding that deciding for Christ involves putting your faculty of reason to sleep so that it doesn't get in the way of that "leap of faith."

This book talks about a reality that is there but not commonly realized. It takes reason to know it and faith to see it.

This book is also important for believers. In this age of skepticism, it's all the more crucial to know what and why we believe.

Restored by Grace is a short intellectual journey in the form of seven sessions of discussions between Sitara and Nathan, who is a counselor. In the first session, Nathan soon learns that Sitara came to him in search of answers to questions of faith. At that point the journey begins, and I hope you enjoy joining in that adventure.

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